Security and Data Protection

Website Security

Web application firewall activated to prevent attacks and hacks.

Device Security

Keeping unauthorized users from accessing the enterprise network.

Data Privacy

Ability an organization or individual has to determine what data in a computer system can be shared with third parties.

Secured Communication

Offers the most advanced mobile encryption solutions to corporate, government entities and law enforcement.

Social Media Security

Analyzing dynamic social media data in order to protect against security and business threats.


System designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network.


My Total Protection

MTP is a major member of that provides security and data protection services to the over 5 million people in New york.

It also helps educate citizens of New York on easy steps to protect their online privacy, secure the integrity of their web assets and respond to malicious attacks.


Vendors & Sponsors

MTP has healthy collaboration with several security vendors and sponsors


Online Security Guide

Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities 

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